Six wheeled Porsche 928-amino in Germany

Two-wheelers are a cool option for short routes or congested roads while four-wheelers are the ultimate option for traveling as they shelter you from hazards of pollution and weather and offer stability in addition to privacy too. But what gets be my common sense tickling is a six-wheeler car! So let Harry Thomas justify himself – he says on the video that he had Ferraris, Lamborghinis, etc., but that he wanted something no one could just go out and buy. So he built his Porsche 928-amino. The result is this six-wheeled abomination creation that has heads turning on the streets of Germany. In addition to the enhanced bodywork, the three-axle flatbed also gets an engine upgrade from a 5.4-liter to 6.1-liter plant to assist with the extra weight.

According to a translation of his interview, Porsche actually intervened to ensure that the vehicle received authorization from Germany’s technical inspection agency.