Skylge Yacht: Feel like a Dutchman

This Dutch design is made to give you the taste of what sailing can be like if you are a filthy rich dude from Holland. The yacht is called ‘Skylge’. It has a carbon rig and carbon-spectra sails. The keel is brilliantly designed and makes you feel like the conqueror of the ocean. The cockpit is large in size and you also have a deckhouse that can serve the purpose of indoor and outdoor banquets. Lying below the deck are four guest cabins. The Skylge Yacht is perfect for a luxurious holiday in the middle of the sea. With vital stats that read 140 feet and 11 inches, you can make sure that there’s enough room for everyone.

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The yacht is an outcome of an alliance of Holland Jachtbouw yard and Hoek Design and was designed in 2006. It retails for 14.95 million euros.