Smoke free Mercedes-Benz trailblazer

Nah!!! This ain’t a car. This is a mountain cycle (bike) introduced by Mercedes-Benz on World earth day. The latest in the growing range of the Mercedes-Benz line of high-end bicycles. Perfect for going out to the trails or for trekking around the city, this bicycle has all the high-quality components that you would expect from a company like Mercedes-Benz. The bike was created and designed by Mercedes-Benz Accessories GmbH, ADP Engineering GmbH, and the Mercedes-BenzDesignCenterin Sindelfingen in collaboration with German cycle manufacturer ADP Engineering GmbH, makers of the Rotwild brand of cycles. Among its features, a sophisticated four-link rear suspension and Avid Juicy Five disc brakes, as well as a lightweight aluminum frame. A number of components are available for both men and women, to ensure maximum comfort and improve the experience for the rider.

It is a high-end bike, costing more than $4,000 USD, and comes in both a Sport Edition and a Comfort Edition.