Solar Powered Speedboat- Czeers MK1

With all kinds of cars going hybrid and green thanks to the rising oil costs, can solar-powered boats be far behind? The Czeers MK1 is a prototype of a solar-powered speedboat that can hit 30 knots in full stride. Relying on the sun on to power its engines, this boat was developed by the Dutch-based Delft Technical University Solarboat Team. The boat will come in shades of carbon fiber, solar cell, and lush orange leather trims. It was a prize-winning entry in the 2006 Nuon Frisian Solar challenge. The boat features photovoltaic cells on almost all horizontal surfaces and an LCD touch-screen control system. It measures 10 meters in length, and 14 square meters of solar panels and an 80kw electric motor are incorporated in it. Since it relies on an electric motor, no noise is emitted, making a quiet and peaceful baby. Only 4-8 boats will be built each year, so you can expect it to hurt your pocket quite a bit.


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