Sonus faber unveils the cutting-edge Homage Series speakers, designed for the Pagani Huayra!

There are times when the best of us chose to drown out the sounds of our whining engines as we race down open country roads in our expensive sports cars. At times like these, a little bit of music playing in the background is bound to exhilarate you even more. Keeping this in mind, Sonus faber unveiled this top-of-the-line sound system, custom-designed for the Pagani Huayra supercar. The high-end audio solutions firm recently tied up with the Italian hypercar manufacturer to unveil music systems good enough to make you want to roll up your supercar’s windows and hum along to your favorite tune!

These critically acclaimed loudspeakers are built for optimal performance and are priced accordingly. The speakers are a great addition to your supercar and are built to look great too. The system added in the Pagani Huayra features amplifiers totaling 1,200-watts in output with speaker cones constructed from carbon fiber. The Homage Series also makes use of powerful but-light neodymium magnets that further enhance the quality of sound. Also, these speakers aren’t going to have you keeping a wary eye on your bank balance, given the fact that you’ve been able to splash cash generously to buy a supercar like the Pagani Huayra!

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