Spare tire cover painted by Damien Hirst touted to be world’s most expensive tire cover

Artist Damien Hirst is one artist who never fails to get my attention. Given his soaring popularity in the art world, it is a given that any piece touched by the master’s paintbrush will command a high price. Proving this fact is a spare tire cover painted by the British contemporary artist himself. Believe it or not, the spare tire cover decorated with Hirst’s artistry is now retailing for $1,800, making it the most expensive spare tire cover in the world! Boasting of Hirst’s spin painting design, the tire cover consists of a high-quality stainless steel band covering the tire tread with a high-impact plastic central dish displaying the artist’s work. What is more, the wrapped dish is covered with a UV laminate, ensuring the cover is protected from the sun. Although small in size, it is sure to become a collector’s item for Hirst’s fans.

Those interested in this pricey piece of work by the artist can click here to make their purchase.

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