Stand-up fisherman’s kayak

This fisherman’s kayak with an interesting design uses a patented extendable outrigger system to stabilize the craft enabling outdoor enthusiasts to fish from a standing position. The kayak’s two independent outriggers pivot outward 45 to its centerline, which also swings back to position to form the aft section of the craft to allow for smooth paddling. The kayak is made out of durable polyethylene with stainless steel and aluminum hardware. Both the outriggers have a watertight storage compartment and can be used for easy transport. The kayak’s adjustable nylon covered padded foam seat and adjustable footpads allow you to achieve an optimal paddling position. All in all, the Stand-up fisherman’s kayak seems like a good mechanism to pursue your favorite pass-time.

The pull robe built into the hull assists you to rise in a standing position and the two section 12” push pole fits into the hull and can be assembled easily, allowing you to infiltrate ideal fishing spots quietly with out the noise of an outboard engine. The stand-up fisherman’s kayak retails for $1,900.
Via – Loadedshopper