Superyacht Range Rover Competition

When you put the ever loved Range Rover into the hands of a yacht maker you can expect wonders and some frequent surprises every now and then. The same shall be witnessed at the Superyacht Range Rover Competition. The competition is a joint effort by Range Rover and yacht manufacturing firm, Edmiston. This has been inspired by superyachts that add a bit of spice to the beauties on the sea. Not surprisingly, many yacht designers have sent their entries already. Some notable names include Terence Disdale, Dickie Bannenberg, Ken Freivokh,Tim Heywood, Andrew Winch, Redman Whiteley Dixon and Martin Francis.

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The results of the competition will be heard on September 25th by Range Rover designer, Gerry McGovern. The resulting Rovers from this competition are likely to cost anything between $297,500 to $1.19 million.