Surprisingly owning a Lamborghini Huracan is not as expensive as you may think

Owning a car like the Lamborghini Huracán is luxury that not everyone can afford. While calling a fancy drive your very own comes with a price, sustaining it year after year can cost you an equally huge sum…or so you thought. While luxury car maintenance is often considered as heavy duty (for your pocket), that is often not the case. The man behind the wheel of a Huracán and a rather informative YouTube channel – Vehicle Virgins, breaks these popular car maintenance myths with some math.

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While typically a Huracán’s fuel consumption is similar to that of a BMW /Audi Premium variant, it additionally comes with a 3-year unlimited mileage, basic and powertrain warranty, and a 12-year anti-rust coverage keeping your mean machine disaster-covered and rust free with you bearing nil costs. Further, service cost per year (essentially meaning an oil change) would cost you $1000, which is still far lesser if you compare the same expense to that a few years ago. Extraordinarily, an LP 610-4 version of the Huracán comes with in-built ceramic carbon rotors (unlike other cars in the same category) that essentially last for 93000 miles with the brake pads lasting safely up to 40000 miles. This probably means you wouldn’t have to worry about a brake change for your car in this lifetime! Further, for a car of this stature, tires (in this case -factory-provided Pirellis) will cost you only around $1,200 including mounting and balancing.

Lastly, insuring your sweet drive will set you down by an average of $3,400 per year, which again wouldn’t be an unfair deal for most Lamborghini owners. All in all, while buying yourself an exotic car like the Huracán can cost you a bomb, maintaining it is not as bad you’re told!

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