Taga bike: A green mode of transport for you and your child

Love to take your child out for a drive but believe in using only green modes of transport? Here is the perfect urban vehicle that is a must for every parent. Created in Holland, this amazing vehicle is a bicycle that goes by the name Taga and is perfect for those who believe in living a green lifestyle. A transformable bike, it can easily be converted into a stroller, allowing parent and child to conveniently enter the premises, ride an elevator or ascend steps. Just imagine, no more locking your bicycle outside shops or worrying about it being stolen, just convert it into a stroller and take it wherever you go. The Taga with its amazing design and multi-functionality is a must buy for all parents.

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However, this green bike is anything but cheap. To take this baby home you will have to shell out £1,700 ($2,750). But no price is too heavy when it comes to your child and mother Earth is it?