TakayanagiMiluira Retro EV brings retro-styled electric car back in fashion

Look at the picture. Isn’t this cute? The open-top, one seat buggy look.The retro-styled chassis, interiors and fittings, and the vintage monogram spells ‘back in time charm’ in bold. You cannot but fall in love with this car for its sheer cute looks. But there’s more to this car than just the old world-inspiration. This seemingly vintage car is in fact a EV (electric vehicle) manufactured by the Takayanagi company in Japan. Green and environmentally friendly, the car runs on lead-acid batteries rather than the lithium ones found in its peers. Called the Miluira, this humming beauty apparently has about a 22-mile range and a top speed of 37mph –not exactly the highway types or the racing kinds. But take it out, and even in its chugging fashion, it will surely make head turns. Expected to ship next spring for around $75,000, it’s sure to earn you the Nobel prize for environment-saving; and your neighbor’s envy too.

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