Take a look at just how incredible a Rolls-Royce Umbrella can get

Yes, we are all aware of the majesty a Rolls-Royce can radiate. But who would expect a mere umbrella from the British car manufacturer to be this grand? On second thoughts, probably such is the magic of the Rolls-Royce that even the most ordinary of things turn magical under its name! And you too, would be compelled to nod with us in agreement, once you peek at the oh-so-amazing Rolls-Royce Umbrella!

Since each Rolls Royce anyway comes with a unique umbrella slot onto its side door, it was a given that at some point the brand would create aesthetic rain shields to complement it. And that’s exactly what the gorgeous RR umbrella does for you! Apart from looking dapper, it is engineered to perfection and can pop right into the side doors, that further come with special drainage points and warm air pumps to dry it. Exclusively carbon fibered for its buyers, the luxurious RR umbrellas are here to put the boring rain-shields in your closet to shame!

Also, quite unlike an ordinary umbrella that needs a tap or two to fling open, this spectacular Rolls Royce accessory is designed to fit the average man” and wouldn’t let its car owner slouch an inch to hold or operate it! Neither would you need to flex your muscles all the way up its length as the Rolls- Royce umbrella pops up rather seamlessly from its attractive handle. And yes, you’re probably right in guessing that this uber-gorgeous umbrella isn’t for you, unless of course you have $700 to spare for it!


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