Take to the skies with the M400 Skycar

There is a cool new dimension to the concept of sky vehicles. It isn’t surprising anymore to look at a blog featuring a sky vehicle since it’s almost turning into a cliché. The M400 is a cool Skycar that’s unbelievably affordable (for not everyone) and the typical futuristic, cannot-believe-my-eyes kind of design. Basically, it is a Vertical Take-Off and Landing aircraft (VTOL) and runs on everything, from CNG to diesel. With the glistening body comes someplace to keep a bit of luggage that you may need once you have embarked on your aerial journey.

The M400 Skycar has all the makings of a common man’s vehicle in a few years. If it remains a concept that’s made on order or something then you will have to shell out as much as £250,000 ($370,777) for it and if it does become a common man’s car and outnumbers the number of Maybachs then it should cost anything from £30,000 ($55,673) – £40,000 ($74,213).

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