A California car dealership sells Tesla Model S with Bitcoins as payment

The Bitcoin story undoubtedly has been the most intriguing yet very exciting topic of this year. The virtual currency is in midst of an unprecedented boom as it has grown in value by 8900% since 1st January which has earned it the ire of many critiques calling it a massive bubble waiting to explode. But every single day we are treated with news from all over the world lending solid credence to the digital currency; you might remember the news of Sir Richard Branson accepting Bitcoins as payment for reserving a seat on the Virgin Galactic. A few instances of automotive dealerships across the world accepting Bitcoins have surfaced in the past few months but today we have received information on the first automobile to be sold with Bitcoin as legal tender. A dealership in California has sold a used Tesla Model S Performance to a client who paid for it with Bitcoins.

The Lamborghini Newport Beach dealership in Costa Mesa, California, in a blogpost announced the news of selling the used Tesla using Bitcoin and further showed their interest in the digital currency. “Lamborghini Newport Beach is proud to announce that we are fully capable of accepting Bitcoin as legal tender for vehicles. We are excited to opening the door to this new currency,” the dealership published on its official blog. The astronomical rise in the value of Bitcoins over the past couple of months has created a new breed of digital currency multimillionaires who invested early. It won’t be surprising if we come across similar news quite regularly in the coming future which makes us believe that the digital currency might be here to stay.

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