Tesla engineers push the Model X Plaid and the Model 3 to their limits in the unforgiving 120-degree heat of Dubai.


Tesla recently sent a fleet of its cars along with a team of field engineers to Dubai for extreme heat and durability testing. It’s been a while since the American EV maker dissolved its PR department; as a result, we rarely get to see Tesla’s internal testing images and videos. However, this time around, the company decided to share some stunning pictures of different Tesla models being tested in the desolate outskirts of Dubai, including an incredible shot of a dune-bashing Tesla. The company wrote on Instagram: “Our field quality engineers head to Dubai at the hottest time of the year for extreme heat and durability testing. Temperatures reach over 122°F/50°C.”

It’s a known fact that batteries operate in a narrow range of temperatures; anything beyond it severely affects the performance of the battery. This is why it’s very important for EV manufacturers like Tesla to test their vehicles in extreme temperatures and conditions. Tesla already has a facility in Alaska for cold weather testing for its products. The company invited YouTuber JerryRigEverything to its proving ground in Alaska back in 2020 to experience the Model Y’s durability test in cold weather.

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Judging by the pictures posted by Tesla on Instagram, the company brought its entire line-up to Dubai; although most of the photos are of the Model Y, a few Model X and 3 can also be seen. Durability testing involves taking the cars well beyond their limits to help improve their performance.

Given the fact that Tesla made some updates to its electric cars not so long ago, it makes sense for the EV maker to carry out the durability tests in extremely hot temperatures. Getting some stunning photos for marketing came as an added bonus!

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[All images via Tesla]

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