The 11 most expensive convertibles in the world

From where I’m sitting, with the roof down and the sun warming my face, that premium seems worthwhile. Roof open, you can talk to your passenger well into the three-figure territory, cocooned in a bubble of calm while simultaneously exposed to the invigorating rush of speed and noise. – Road and Track

5. 2016 Ferrari 488 Spider – $275,000
Surprisingly low on our list of expensive convertibles, the 661-horsepower 488 Spider by Italian giants Ferrari is not less impressive. The makers have managed to accommodate a hard top 25 kilograms lighter than a cloth top on a chassis made from eleven different alloys. You can expect Ferrari to throw in some exclusive features such as the adjustable rear wind stopped, which is an electric glass window, to make speeding in the convertible a lot more comfortable. A 3.9-liter V8 engine powers it.

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