The $2 million Orcasub submarine awes at Harrods Technology 2.0

Do you feel like a deep dive in the ocean in a personal submarine? Guess what, you just got lucky! UK’s leading surveillance and personal security devices manufacturer – The spymaster, has just the product to offer – a private submarine. Christened the ‘Orcasub,’ Spymaster exhibited a mock-up of its ultra-modern made-to-order submarine at the Harrods Technology 2.0 showcase. News reveals that this 22ft-long, 4-tonne battery-operated diver with 80 hrs of life support can be built in just $2 million. Built by Lloyd’s Register standards, the Orcasub can descend to a minimum of 1,000ft depth. With controls as that of an airplane, the sub sports a joystick and pedals that can swerve the vessel in any direction intended.

It has a built-in multi-beam collision-avoidance sonar system for safety-sake, a digital long-range underwater communication system that allows you to connect with your peers in case of danger or otherwise, a 60,000-lumen Nuytco NewtSun ultra-LED lighting system to light up the surrounding water, and a complete 360-degree view which only adds to the excitement quotient of jumping into this private jet and vrooming into the ocean depths!

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