The autonomous flying car from Terrafugia could be the future of personal transportation in the next decade

Terrafugia may be pioneers in the world of aviation but it looks they want to make flying a little more personal. The company has just released a video rendering of a flying car in action and although some sites are liking it to the famous DeLorean from the Back to the Future movies, it looks nothing like it. Check out the video below –

The vehicle that’s been dubbed the TF-X has been depicted to be quite a well designed hybrid that runs on electricity. Based on the video render, the streamlined device looks like a cockpit with foldable wings and dual helicopter-style propellers, but no sign of any doors for the four passengers it can accommodate, to get in or out. The video outlines the TF-X to be able to fly almost 500 miles on a single charge and hit speeds of 200mph. It also appears to have some sort of a “re-chargeable” system that would help power the batteries even while on the go. Fitted with fly-by-wire vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) capabilities, it’s the possible car of the future, and although it looks nothing like any vehicle we’ve seen in sci-fi movies or books, it does have a slightly more realistic design.

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The company says that the vehicle, that could become a reality in the next 8-12 years, would make use of high power density, state-of-the-art “electric motors in combination with parallel power and control system architectures to achieve a higher level of safety than modern automobiles.” The intention is to test a one-tenth scale model of the TF-X at the MIT Wright Brothers wind tunnel.

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