The Bentley Bentayga gets an option Breitling Tourbillion clock that costs as much as the car

When Bentley first unveiled the Bentayga SUV a short while ago, the luxury auto-manufacturer managed to raise quite a few eyebrows, given the fact that this is the first car of its kind unleashed by the company. Well, when it comes to the Bentayga, there’s more than just muscle and brawn. The car manages to take on some of the most challenging terrains, while staying as luxurious as possible. One of the most eye-catching creature comforts added in this Bentley is the Breitling timepiece, built in collaboration with the company’s in-house custom coach workshop, Mulliner. This dashboard clock is as unusual as it gets, but then again, so is this glorious car!

The Mulliner Tourbillon clock is a self-winding horological marvel. The clock comes with a solid 18k gold case, in white or yellow. The dial is available in white or ebony-black mother-of-pearl. The clock’s indices are diamonds while the tourbillion is housed in a titanium cage. The clock is placed in a mount that enables it to be rotated electrically. The winder mechanism sports three modes, along with the normal winding. The light focused on the bowl in which the watch is set in the dashboard is hooked on to the car’s interior mood lighting system, keeping the watch illuminated with the rest of the car’s interiors!




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