The D Throne S Electric is probably the most luxurious toy car you have ever seen

Luxury cars often make heads turn when they drive past people in their all-elegant gleaming avatars. This though, is hardly ever the case when you see a kid zooming around in a cute little toy car. However, here to make your jaws drop at the mere sight of a tiny play car is the D Throne S- an Electric toy car that has certainly notched up the bar for play- things in general!

The super-luxe D Throne S is painstakingly designed by Hyunsoo Choi and Taeno Yoon and is in all probability the most luxurious toy your child could ever own. The tiny automobile also offers you a perfect reason to bond with you little one, with a space on its rear that easily allows an adult to hop on board. Boasting of a design aesthetic that is inspired by the vehicles of the early 90’s, the D Throne S is a perfect example of exemplary style and craftsmanship as probably never been seen before in a toy car!

A great attention to detail can also been seen in the exterior and interior design of the car with finishes of exquisite car enamel and handmade leather seats. The luxe little car can be purchased in a classic black or off-white color, (complete with shimmering copper accentuations in both models). If you can afford to pamper your child silly (with no monetary limits whatsoever!), then buying him/her the luxurious D Throne S is probably a great idea!


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