The mighty Bentley Bentayga can now be controlled with the Apple Watch

If you’re in the customer segment intersection that owns both, a Bentley and an Apple Watch, then there couldn’t be better news in store for you. The luxury automobile company has introduced a new app for the fabulous Bentayga that gives passengers the power to control the interiors of their car from the comforts of their wrist. (I wonder if that came out how I intended it to. Anyway.) Everything from the alignment of the seats, the entertainment selection and climate control within the cabin can be controlled and adjusted remotely. This means that you can have a cool interior with seats adjusted just right without even being in your car.

The technology leverages the bespoke digital architecture to ensure that passengers in the car are treated to massage and ventilation functions in addition to the aforementioned comforts. The car’s Bluetooth connectivity, Bentayga owners can synchronize their devices with the Touch Screen Remote (TSR) system and interact with the in-car environment.
Bentleys new Bentayga Apple Watch App
Speaking about the app, Dan Whittaker, Director of Electrical and Electronics at Bentley, said: “The Bentayga is technologically advanced and combines this with luxury in a way only Bentley can achieve. This new Apple Watch connectivity is another example of how we are constantly innovating in order to enhance the customer experience.”
Bentley new Bentayga Apple Watch App