The Morgan EV3 sees the past and present collide on a three-wheeled electric

The Morgan three-wheeled vehicle may not be the only three wheeler in the world. It surely trumps the auto-rickshaws of India or the boat-shaped hilarity that Mr. Bean was known to destroy every now and then. The Morgan is elegance and strange yet un-awkward elegance stuffed into one compact cabin. What’s more is that it now comes as the EV3 and brings with it the goodness of an electric drive.

The Morgan EV3 comes with a liquid-cooled electric motor that drives the vehicle at 62 horsepower, thanks to a 20-kWh lithium battery. While the numbers may be modest, the vehicle can go from zero to 62 mph in just 9 seconds! Top speeds can reach 90 mph and a single charge can send the EV3 on a 150-mile journey, albeit when driven economically. A lot of credit should be given to the light weight of the EV3. With a carbon-fiber body and a wood frame the car manages to weigh under 1,100 pounds! What may seem a bit off-proportion around the brass grille area could be that Cyclops-like head lamp. It is deliberately positioned off-center. The rest of it just falls comfortably into our must-drive-before-we-die wish lists.

The Morgan EV3 will head to production by the end of the year. It isnt a meaningless concept but the first electric car with a vintage tinge to it.

[ Via : Pocket-Lint ]