The next best thing to a luxury tank – An armored Maybach S600 Pullman

Mercedes Benz continues its tradition of producing high end protected automobiles with the recent introduction of the Mercedes-Maybach S600 Pullman 2016. Designed to provide optimum safety to politicos, top-notch celebrities, and the rest who seem to need it, the Pullman comes with detailed protective controls while unfailingly offering every bit of luxury that you can imagine.

In an endeavor to make the car foolproof, specially made steel has been integrated into the cavities between its body structure and outer cavities while the aramid and PE components throughout the exterior render further protection. Additionally, the side windows have been coated with polycarbonate and a steel divider is placed behind the rear seats to shield passengers from possible blows from the back. While the VR9 feature marks the car bulletproof, the Directive ERV 2010 blast rating means it can officially safeguard passengers from fatal blasts.

For such heavy-duty protection, the car bulk weighs at 5.1 tonnes (11,243 lbs) in its 6.5-meter length. Furthermore, like its non-armored counterpart, the Pullman is powered by a twin-turbocharged 6.0-liter V12 engine delivering 530 hp and 830 Nm of torque from just 1,600 rpm while also providing unmatched luxury with executive seats at the rear that recline up to 43.5 degrees. The luxury drive is already out for sale in Germany for a price tag of 1.4 million euros ($1.56 million) with actual deliveries commencing in 2017. If however, the Pullman is too pricey for your liking, you can always consider the Maybach S600 Guard as your fall back!

[ Via : Carscoops ]

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