The plush interiors of the 2019 Infiniti QX50 SUV are inspired by luxury resorts

The designers of the new QX50 are not ones to shy away from inspiration. While its tech and things related that usually play muse for automobile artists, it’s the comforts of a luxury resort in this case that played it big on the minds behind the new Infinti QX50. A robust engine and mechanics apart, it’s the interiors of the new QX50 that are its driving USP.

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The multi-tone cabin of the car features creamy off-white and chocolate interiors with a dark blue center console. There’s a great deal of thought that has gone into the choice of the colors, with the off-white being inspired by soft white sand beaches, the brown taking behind the exotic woods and the blue modeling the glassy ocean waters. In addition to the multi-tone coloring, the interiors of the QX50 boast of a matte finish and open-pore maple wood. It also features wrap-and-sew detailing with hole-cut stitch patterns on the seats, door panels, and dashboard along with a moonroof playing cherry on the cake!

As per Karim Habab, Infiniti executive design director, “The QX50’s asymmetrical layout and calm, controlled atmosphere is designed to meet different needs of the driver passengers.The quest to find the perfect fit of material, colors, forms and ergonomics have driven our designers and engineers to create the best interior Infiniti has ever produced.” For a car being inspired by an ocean front luxury resort, we couldn’t quite agree with him!

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