The Renegade Hovercraft is like your personal all-terrain glider vehicle

Now who wouldn’t want to have their very own hovercraft right?! Well the people at Renegade Hovercraft have just what the rich doctor ordered. Their all new two-seater 4-stroke engine powered mini hovercraft is the perfect water sports vehicle for the beach, lake or river, whenever your heart desires a little water contact (or not), even if these water bodies are frozen over! Of course this isn’t the only personal-sized hovercraft available to the general, rich, public; the BW1 Golf Cart hovercraft has been around since 2013 and is a great little vehicle to get around the old country club golf course. Just “drive on through” no need to follow the cart routes.

renegade-hovercraft-2The Renegade Hovercraft is powered by a high-output AeroDrive system hooked to a 4-stroke engine that’ s been designed to hit high speeds of up to 50 mph on the high seas or wherever. It has a cruising speed of 30 mph in case you don’t quite feel like mussing up your hair… too much. With a bike-styled steering system, the Renegade Hovercraft has been engineered to be simple to use with a finger trigger control for the throttle. It’s easy to learn, easy to use and being built with carbon fiber and Kevlar, it’s as sturdy as it is light not to mention quite quiet. It even features USB power and an LED headlight for those midnight runs.

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Prices aren’t out yet so you’ll have to wait a little till it’s officially out before you decide if it’s really worth the amount. As of now, it has been announced that the Renegade Hovercraft will be available in a few color options as well which seems to include red, white and black. From the look so things we could expect a slightly higher price than the BW1 option.

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