The Rolls-Royce Phantom Zenith comes with its own champagne bar

It’s not news that Rolls Royce is retiring their Phantom Coupé and Drophead Coupé models, but before we say our last goodbyes, we do have to talk about the anticipated Phantom Zenith collection. This collection will include special edition versions of the soon-to-be-retired cars and are expected to be the last versions of these body styles from Rolls Royce.

There has been a high demand for these limited edition cars ever since Rolls Royce made the announcement about the Zenith Collection and a number of them will likely find a place in private luxury car collections. What sets these versions apart is the addition of some cool new details and features including an enhanced split-tailgate that features picnic essentials with utensils that have been engineered to fit and be utilized effortlessly. Another bonus feature? A champagne fridge with room for two bottles as well as eight Rolls-Royce glasses. The trunk is also equipped with padded leathers that can seat two people. Bet you never thought the boot of your car could be a perfect picnic spot.

The interior has been given some cool details like the armrests caps that been etched with the location where the first version of each car was revealed i.e. Villa D’Este for the 100EX concept, and Lake Geneva for the 101EX concept.

Owners will also get an aluminum case engraved with the vehicular identification number (VIN) for the car they have purchased. And inside the box is a piece of Rolls Royce Phantom history: a piece of the Phantom Assembly Line from Goodwood complete with the expression of coordinates that lets the owner know where in the assembly line his piece belongs. Each model also features aviation inspired details like cup holders machined from aluminum, as well as blood-orange tips for the instrument dials. In addition, buyers can always add more personal customizations should they feel the need.

[ Via : Autoevolution ]

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