The uber stylish Benelli e-bike debuts in the USA

Up until now, a lot of serious riders looked askance at electric bikes for one main reason. Traditional models were expensive and heavy with over-sized frames, featuring batteries or bulbous hubs on the side of the wheels. Benelli brought some sanity and design chops to the category when it introduced its Classica e-bike last year to the European market. The luxury Italian brand is now making its electric bicycle debut in the USA with the launch of the Benelli Classica model.

Benelli Classica e-bike was conceived for the urban streets. Aside from looking gorgeous, it can cover up to 40 miles with an available top speed of 20 mph. Although it can be enjoyed without pedal-assist, the patented Twist Shift LCD control quickly allows the rider to engage the motor and easily change the power level while hands remain on the handlebars. Its integrated display informs rider of battery capacity, current speed and total distance.

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Lightweight and sturdy aluminum frame with internally mounted battery optimizes weight distribution providing excellent balance and handling while low step-thru design makes mounting and riding easy for anyone. The frame is fitted with alloy wheels and puncture-resistant tires, ensuring stability and reliability in all conditions. The bike has a removable, lightweight Samsung lithium battery pack, for better handling and balance.

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The Classica is finished with a Gyes leather seat and grips. Priced at $2,100, Benelli Classica e-bike is available in two wheel sizes 28” and 26” and offered in white, black and cream on 28” version and in white and cream on 26” version.

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