The ultimate cycling machines – BMW unveils four new bicycles

As the winter snows begin melting away and the roads are more visible than ever, we prepare ourselves to discover new experience on metal and rubber. Cycling is the closest fitness habit that also serves the purpose of transport. While a number bicycle brands will have their spread of amazing pedals up for grabs, German giants BMW have just readied their league of amazing bicycles. The BMW bikes come with a revised design, some new additions to the design and some impressively classy color variants. What remains consistent is the ‘bullneck’ design that characterizes the BMW line of cycles.

BMW Cruise Bike| € 995 ($1,090)
Available in Mineral White and Aqua Pearl Blue, the BMW Cruise bicycle is the classic entry in the new fleet. It is available in three sizes, specially designed to match the rider’s body size. The Small version suits 160-175 cm bodies, the Medium version 175-185 cm and the Large size for 185-195 cm types. These size variations are aimed at creating maximum comfort. As the name goes, this bike is ideal for city rides.

BMW Cruise M Bike | € 1,200 ($1,315)
Available in matte black with rims and highlights in red, the Cruise M Bike is next in the blend of functional design and fantastic good looks. The bike is inspired by the lively, sporty design sense, which was reflected in the BMW M type. The seat post and spacers are consistent in design and made from carbon. The Cruise M Bike rolls well on slopes as well as on flat terrains.

BMW Cruise e-Bike | € 3,100 ($3,396)
There cannot be a line of bicycles as prestigious as the BMW Bike range without an electric variant. The BMW Cruise e-Bike arrives in Frozen Brilliant White Metallic color with contrasting back accents across the body. The aluminum frame is made by Bosch. The Performance-Line drive helps support the manual pedaling and can help riders reach a top speed of 25 kmph. The motor is rigged with a 400 Wh battery. The bike is as smart as it is efficient. The e-Bike analyses the rider’s pedaling efficiency and offers optimal pedal assistance. That’s not all. There’s also an onboard display that guides users on the most efficient time to shift gears.

BMW Cruise Bike Junior | € 450 ($493)
As plain as day, the name of the bike simply explains who the target audience for this bicycle is expected to be. Made from lightweight aluminum, this sturdy matte black/shiny white framed bike offers a number of reflectors and a 6-speed Shimano gear system. It also offers an adjustable seat angles for optimum comfort of your child.

All four models of the bikes will be made available by April 2016.

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