The ultimate luxury in flying – A seat in glass bubble on top of the plane

There’s something about sunroofs that make them indispensable in luxury cars. These windows to the heavens above are always an interesting luxury to live with. Windspeed Technologies think airplanes deserve sunroofs too, which is why these folks have unveiled design plans for the SkyDeck, a 360 degree viewing area for the roofs of airplanes. Windspeed Technologies has taken it a step ahead by adding special seats to the SkyDeck, giving passengers a comfortable viewing experience on the top of the plane. This can be added to private jets and hopefully, commercial airlines too. The SkyDeck can be used as a VIP area for passengers or a pay-per-use facility for commercial airplanes.

The SkyDeck can rotate around in any direction, for a better viewing experience. The tear-drop shape of the SkyDeck makes sure that this modification does not interfere with the plane’s aerodynamics. While the addition of this viewing area will add to a plane’s fuel consumption, airlines could gain extra revenue by using a pay-per-use module to generate revenue from passengers. To keep away fogging, the SkyDeck uses an anti-condensation. The canopy also sports a UV-protection coating and is made from high-strength materials that can withstand the elements as well as external dangers like bird hits.




[ Via : Designboom ]

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