The velvet-covered Ferrari 599 dubbed Furrari isn’t all that eye-catching

There are some things that one should do for their cars, like a timely maintenance and a little customization too, to make the car unique and stand out from the conventional. Well, some car owners seem to take car customization to the next level in a somewhat silly attempt to be one-of-a-kind. Recently, we spotted this Ferrari roaring by, with a disputable customization that has received lots of mixed reactions from supercar lovers around the world. This Ferrari 599, dubbed Furrari, spotted in London, is wrapped in black velvet and is the type of car you wouldn’t want to drive in the rain in.

The car’s unidentified owner has been reported to have spent a whopping $7,600 on turning his/her car from a supercar to a monstrous fur-ball. The car has been turning lots of heads with its unusual exterior and has been receiving the wrath of the Ferrari-loving Twitter community online too, with many individuals around the world baffled at the silliness of wrapping a Ferrari in velvet. One thing’s for sure though, this car is indeed a pleasant vehicle to touch!

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[Via – Nydailynews]