The 100 year old Rolls Royce Silver Ghost from India is worth $4 million

The 100-year-old Rolls Royce Silver Ghost, now estimated at $4 million, lies in splendid beauty at the exquisite Chowmahalla Palace, the Nizam residence Hyderabad, India. In celebration of the Rolls Royce hitting a century, the Chowmahalla Palace authorities plan an event to be held next month. In 1911, Nizam VI had ordered this very same car from the Rolls Royce factory in Great Britain.

However, a couple of years ago, this royal yellow car was in a pathetic state. Dr. Ameenuddin Khan, Administrator, Nizam’s private estates, stepped in and convinced the royal family to do justice to the legendary vehicle by getting it duly restored.
Mr. Manvendra Singh Barwani was assigned to restoring the car to its near original form, which cost almost one-tenth of what the car is valued at the present day. Worth every rupee, we reckon.
It is also known that this car was honored with “Best of Class Prize” in the Rolls Royce Class and “Best of Show the Concour de Elegance Prize” in the Cartier Travel with Style Concour de Elegance in India this year.

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