The $1 million Maxximus Prodigy super car runs on liquid natural gas

If fuel prices are giving you heartburn, then switch to LNG or Liquid Natural Gas powered vehicles without compromising on opulence. One such attempt comes from North America-based Maxximus and a supercar called the Prodigy. The car is said to run on a proprietary 330 ci engine with twin turbochargers. The Maxximus Prodigy can hit speeds of 0 to 60 mph in 2.1 seconds flat, and 0 to 100 mph, and back to 0 in just 8.9 seconds flat. The body of the car is crafted in carbon fiber and Chromalloy.

The innovative engine design will sport technologies like Digital valve technology, which lowers engine friction and power loss, carbon-ceramic brakes, ceramic wheel bearings, height-adjustable suspension system, all managed with the help of an on-board computer. The other tech advancements include a Mac sound system, satellite navigation, and climate control. The car is said to retail at the $1 million USD mark.

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