The $6 million garage boasts of a supersize hydraulic elevator

When you have an estate with four houses that contain 5 bedrooms each, your taste for automobiles will be classy, and expensive. But how do you story all these babies securely? Well, in style, and opulence of course. Living at Lake Tahoe Neveda, Tom Gonzales has a garage mansion, with five doors that leads you to a $6 million garage that shines with brilliance. The ground portion holds innumerable number of motorcycles that haven’t been ridden, ever! But that’s not the best part.
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Gonzales actually has a concealed and humongous hydraulic elevator that gives access the garage’s lower portion. The lift can move 3 cars and is natural disaster proof, but each operation costs $25 in electricity. And once down, you will be disappointed because it isn’t filled up just yet. But then again, it is amazing to check out in any case.

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