The $8 million Rolls Royce Phantom cast in gold is well armored too

After trying his hand at blinged up yachts, and a bling version of the Bugatti Veyron Liverpool-Based Stuart Hughes has now decided to collaborate with Swiss company Eurocash AG, to come out with a gold kissed and armored Rolls Royce Phantom. The bespoke Phantom will be done up using 120 kg of 18-carat gold and will feature protection ballistic checked and certified by the German Government Beschussamt München that offers protection against assaults by Kalashnikov AK 47, Dragunov with a couplet that can take about 570 shots and also 2 Hand grenades DM all at ones. I must say that is one impressive list!

On to the interiors now, which is also done up in gold. Unlike the exact fit gold veneers for the exteriors, the gold on the inside has been applied using moulds. Crafted by request of an anonymous Middle Eastern Businessman, the entire vehicle was ready in about 18 months, including the full amour. Priced at £5 million ($8.1 million), it’s quite an impressive task. For details visit &
Thanks Toni