The $ 8million Emivest SJ30 sets new world speed record

The SJ30 has now been ranked as the world’s fastest, longest range and highest flying light jet, being able to fly more than 2,800 miles non-stop at speeds up to 630 mph, a title formerly belonging to the Hawker 400XP flying at speed of 535mph. The SJ30 flew from London to Dubai in just about 7 hour 7 min. (Including a fuel stop in Istanbul) The luxurious 7 seater retails sea level cabin pressure at 41,000ft, consequently reducing the effects of jet lag while travelling. Emivest Aerospace, which was founded last year when the Emirates Investment and Development Company acquired an 80% interest in US based Sino Swearingen Aircraft Corporation, is now taking orders for the $8 million SJ30.

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