The $ 8million Emivest SJ30 sets new world speed record

The SJ30 has now been ranked as the world’s fastest, longest range, and highest-flying light jet, flying more than 2,800 miles non-stop at speeds up to 630 mph, a title formerly belonging to the Hawker 400XP flying at a speed of 535mph. The SJ30 flew from London to Dubai in just about 7 hours, 7 min. (Including a fuel stop in Istanbul) The luxurious 7 seater retails sea-level cabin pressure at 41,000ft, consequently reducing jet lag while traveling. Emivest Aerospace, founded last year when the Emirates Investment and Development Company acquired an 80% interest in the US based Sino Swearingen Aircraft Corporation, is now taking orders for the $8 million SJ30.

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