The All-New Toyota Tundra Ducati Desmosedici Transporter

Who hasn’t heard of the $70,000 Ducati Desmosedici RR – the only street-legal MotoGP bike yet produced – owned by such luminaries as Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, and Michael Jordan. Now to transport this amazing bike is an equally powerful Toyota Tundra Ducati Desmosedici transporter, which was on show at the recent specialist automotive equipment SEMA show your browser may not support the display of this image in Las Vegas. The transporter is constructed using some of the highest tech materials and is built on a Tundra CrewMax, which has been modified to accept a 6.5-inch bed. The performance was enhanced through the full catalog of TRD (Toyota Racing Development) performance parts such as a supercharger (boosting power to 500 bhp), dual exhaust, intake, suspension (lowering kit, and sway bar), Boost Gauge and Pod, and big brake kit.

While the credit for its interiors goes to Fast Ed’s Interiors, In Seat Solutions and Relaxor Massage Products. Also part of the highly desirable total kit on show at SEMA were Dainese Ducati Corse Racing leathers, an Arai Ducati Corse helmet and Ducati Corse Bootsand gloves. But there is no need to get excited, as there are no plans to produce this beautiful transporter just yet. So lets just keep our fingers crossed and hope this transporter hits the markets soon.

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