The Auto Safe

We all have safes at homes, but what do we do when we have to leave behind the good stuff in the car? Roving eyes just smash and grab stuff from the parked cars as if it were their birthright! Finally a safe for your car! AutoSafe is a must if you tend to carry your world of gadgets along with you like Mary’s little lamb! Now you can have the last laugh, so long as you remember to lock in your goodies in the safe. The Auto Safe hooks into your vehicle via a wire rope cable that can attach to a chassis-mounted seat base, seat hinges, or baby seat fixing points so you don’t have to run and get your drill. Auto Safe comes in various sizes, from smaller ones that fit an MP3 player, PDA, or pharmaceuticals to larger ones that can fit an entire laptop bag.

It’s your call on this one, whether you want to tempt the fly into your parlor (like the spider did) or play it safe with the Auto Safe. The safes span in price from $100 to $300 depending upon their size.

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