The BMW 6-Series Coupé will come with a 16 Speakers Bang And Olufsen music system

BMW is all set to return in 2011 with a stunning car, a perfect gift for an audiophile who loves music on wheels. The BMW 6 Series Coupé which will be out in the fall of 2011 will feature a Bang and Olufsen sound system made up of 16 loudspeakers and uses 1,200 watts of power. The system is made up of seven tweeters paired with mid-range speakers for consistent sound. Two additional massive subwoofers have been mounted to the car body just below the front seats to ensure no unwanted vibrations.

Once set up, the speaker grill in the dashboard center displays a big acoustic lens that distributes sound. The car will also spot Dynamic Road Noise Compensation to adjust sound quality concerning conditions outside the vehicle like noise, bumpy roads, etc. Equipped with two modes, the Studio Mode offers stage quality music, while the Expanded Mode gives a theatre feel.

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