The Brabus Mercedes SL65 Vanish is a class apart

Arabs are one unsatisfied lot, especially when it comes to cars. No wonder than that they keep adding personal finishing touches to some of the most perfect luxurious wheels. Here is the latest case of yet another Dubai resident who seemed unhappy with his Mercedes SL65. So he turned to Brabus to fine-tune his SL65 Black Series. And the folks over at Brabus have definitely done one heck of a job. This personalized, one-off Black Series is called the Vanish and features a modest matte finish. But what stands apart is the very queer bonnet power bulge rounding off the exterior styling upgrades. Furthermore, Brabus has equipped the Vanish with larger turbos, acoustically tuned exhaust plumbing, and a reprogrammed ECU module to harmonize it all, allowing the SL65 Vanish to boast a peak power output of 588kW.

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This unique SL65 Vanish promises to create quite a few traffic jams in Dubai.

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