The Dartz Prombron Car with the Golden Wheels

Fancy driving a James Bond-inspired car? Well, the golden wheeled Dartz Prombron Car is just what you’d love. The car will be gold-encrusted armored SUV sporting gold wheels with sculpted 50-caliber bullets. And if these wheels haven’t taken your breath away, get a hold of this. The car will also have a gold tint to its windows and a galvanically-coated gold snakeskin vinyl covering the seats. And these aren’t just ordinary seats with an expensive seat cover. These seats are straight out of Boris Yeltsin’s Presidential plane.

Now you probably are wondering how James Bond came to inspire this piece of luxury. Remember “The Man with the Golden Gun” movie? Well, this is The Car with the Golden Wheels. And for your safety, the vehicle packs a solid gold Mauser handgun with solid gold bullets for your golden safety.

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