The designer Tata Nano is the new fixation for motor enthusiasts

The TATA Nano was meant to be ‘The’ car for an average middle class Indian family. But the filthy rich want a bite of the poor man’s pie too! Otherwise there is no real or significant explanation as to why DC Designs decided to showcase at the Auto Expo 2010. And from a the likes of it, this new customized design by Dilip Chhabaria is all set to elevate the cost by a staggering $218,000, bringing the price tag to $220,000!

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Why its cost some much? Well the plans in place will replace all the body panels, brakes, suspension and interior components, along with fitting 20-inch wheels and replacing the 33 horsepower, 624cc engine with a 1.6-liter mill that’s able to propel the five-seat hatch to a maximum speed of 124 mph. While that still doesn’t justify the cost, I guess that’s the price a brand name commands!

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