The eco-luxe Superbus of the future shows up for €13 million in Amsterdam

Millionaire fairs are meant to bring everything super-luxurious under one roof for the convenience of the deep-pocketed shoppers. The ninth edition of the Millionaire Fair Amsterdam also saw high-end cars, diamond studded watches, high-tech gadgets and best spirits too. However the most expensive product of this fair is the green Superbus Concept developed by Professor Wubbo Ockels. Carrying a tag of 13 million Euros ($17.2 million), this 15 meter long eco-friendly mode of transport sports a complete carbon fiber chassis including the cockpit and the rear.
Roll over for the video to see this green-mean Superbus in action……

TenCate, the supplier of the carbon fiber, reports that it is designed to compete with the cars and the trains by rendering comfortable, demand-dependent and point-to-point transport and thanks to high speed. The electrically powered Superbus can ferry 23 passengers with ease and consumes as much energy when driving 250 km per hour as a normal bus at 100 kilometers per hour. The company also provided the carbon laminate, a material widely used in aerospace industry for among others the door panels on the inside.

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