The first of the PJ-501 series motor yacht PJ 170 by Palmer Johnson launched

Well clients of Palmer Johnson are one opulently happy lot. Apparently they launched the PJ-501 Yacht which is first of three PJ 170 motor yachts, a repeat order for a client. The PJ-501 Motor Yacht is all set to cruise through the Mediterranean soon, alongside the other sports yachts from the company like the one designed by Nuvolari-Lenard in 2004.

Keeping with the sleek looks and aggressive attitude of the PJ Sportyacht series, the PJ 170 yacht PJ-501 is a bit longer than the earlier yachts. On the technical side, the yacht spots a first of its kind of dual Gyro stabilizers to negate external fins that form beneath the waterline. Another two yachts in the 210’ Sportyachts series called be the 135’ and the 82M PJ World yachts are in the offing.
[Charter World]

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