The first production McLaren F1 car for sale

It’s almost a given that if you are an F1 fan, you have to have a soft spot for those super cars and mean machines hitting the markets these days. Well, if your heart melts at the mere sound of such F1 inspired machines, wait till you hear what we just heard. The first McLaren F1 ever built is actually for sale! So if your wallet is as big as your heart, get that checkbook and cross off a cheque that reads $3,175,000 to make this baby yours. The exorbitant asking price is justified because this car is more like an investment than just a priced possession as its value is expected to go up in the future. This car was the first car to go on sale following five prototypes and is currently owned by Gembella North America.

One irresistible offer for every F1 fan, I wonder who will be lucky enough to take home this car.

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