The green Project 116 powerboat comes with a light aircraft on board

Green yachts are not new to the world of the high seas. Taking cue from the Green Voyager, the WHY, a brand new 38m superyacht called the ‘Project 116’ has come out of the Danish Yachts stable. Designed by Espen Oeino, the yacht comes with a carbon fiber hull, saving at least 25% material compared to the conventional composite build. The twin diesel ensures cruising speeds of 50 knots and a high range of 900miles. To keep up with the green quotient and keep in check the MARPOL requirements for marine pollution, care has been taken as the makers are working alongside ‘LISA Airplanes’ to mount the light aircraft atop the yacht. The aircraft in contention is the LISA ‘Akoya’ aircraft features folding wings for easy storage and low fuel consumption. The Yacht will also spot a reflecting glass specially tinted to reduce the loss of energy.

On the luxury front, Project 116 comes with sleek and sporty interiors designed by Espen Oeino again. Every luxury that you can think of has been taken care of. The yacht comes with a Bang & Olufsen entertainment system, and the controls are located centrally. It also features a centralized air conditioning system. It has customized ducts and dual-core frequency controlled air handler twin semi-hermetic compressors to ventilate every corner of the luxury speed yacht.