The Inos caravan offers more living space on the go with the push of a button

Caravans come in all shapes and sizes, and for all kinds of roads that you intend to drive on, but this one is surely something that you will want to take on your road trip. Designed by the Fifth Wheel Company, the Inos caravan is said to be the first ever a slide-out trailer built in Europe the offers three meters square of additional living space with just a push of a button. What makes this caravan so interesting is that its features leave nothing to your imagination.

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The vehicle offers 2 meters of head room inside along with stylish LED lighting, island bed, underfloor heating, stunning Italian walnut finished furnishings, high security locks on all the doors, stainless steel unit surrounds and high scratch and wear resistance HPL kitchen worktops. The exteriors offer wood free and dent resistant chassis with “superior Styrofoam insulation throughout”. The caravan also features an IDC anti-snake trailer control system and is designed to be towed by larger 4×4 vehicles. Prices start from £36,000 ($57,750).
Thanks Rebecca Williams

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