The Lamborghini Miura Bible

It’s amusing to know how so many emotions and nostalgia is attached to the cars we own. The legendary “Miura” Lamborghini built between 1966 and 1972 named after the Spanish ranch famed for its ferocious bulls has touched many hearts. Still, one aficionado has managed to put his love down on paper. Joe Sackey, the world’s leading authority on the vehicle, has just published the definitive volume on it, which is aptly titled as the “Lamborghini Miura Bible,” which took nearly 20 years of research. Although the car cannot be rated as the best sports car, it simply becomes of a favorite, firstly because it is what you call “a post-war benchmark classic” and secondly because of the charisma and emotion it has to offer.

One of a kind classic, the Miura Bible is a compilation of 400 photographs and illustrations. Sackey’s first hand experience and his obsession of the car is narrated as a lover would describe his human love. “I remember distinctly, the seminal moment I first laid eyes on a Miura……….”

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