The lightweight FlyNano Electric Microlight jet lets you fly high

Imagine showing off your flying skills in an exclusive two-seater jet and not worry about any carbon trial! Finnish aeronautical engineer Aki Suokas know just what is on your mind as they bring forth a new single-seat aircraft at Aero Friedrichshafen called the FlyNano. Crafted from carbon fiber composite, the jet can both land and take off on water, and it is only 70 kilograms heavy. The aircraft is available in three versions: a 20kW electric-only version, petrol-engine 24 bhp, and another petrol-based 35 bhp racing model. The Flynano has top speeds that reach over 140 km/h, with a service ceiling of 3 km.

The lightweight can be attributed to its full carbon fiber body, and the most expensive of the three variants is priced at € 27,000 (US$39,000). You can place an order by paying €900 ($1300) of booking charges and another 30% confirmation. Deliveries will start after three months. For an additional €5,300 (US$7,700), you can also opt for a multi-purpose-built trailer and storage box.

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