The limited edition M55 Terminus hybrid bike is up for grabs

M55 is not a new name in the bike making business. After giving us the M55 Beast, they are back with a revamped version of their luxury hybrid e-bike. Their latest creation is the M55 Terminus, “the polished incarnation of the M55 Beast”. The electric bike can be further customized to feature “extravagant Biceps front suspension design.” Check out their e-brochure for more customization options. The 25-33 kg e-bike (depending on the motor) that can hit high speeds of 55kmph will be limited to only 5 editions.

M55 Terminus White Brothers edition will be priced at €25,555 ($36,700), while the Bisceps edition will cost you €28,888 ($41,500). If you prefer the Terminus with a custom airbrush paint job, it will cost you €26,666 ($38,300). Until the M55 Terminus hits the markets, you can have fun on the M55 Daemon and is likely to hit markets in September that bears a price tag of €17,500 ($25,230). It is also nice to know that M55 donates €555 ($800) per sale to the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation’s action to preserve our environment.
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