The Mansory Buggati Veyron Vincerò promises to be a treat

If you are a fan of custom-made cars, then this latest modification is a must-see. A product of the genius custom carmaker Mansory, the Buggati Veyron Vincerò is a class apart. Though Mansory has still not made any official statement about this new design, the Prestige Cars (Abu Dhabi) website has revealed that only 3 such cars will be built, making it an exclusive limited edition series. From the pictures available, we can very clearly make out the design of this custom beauty. The Mansory Buggati features a new front fascia with integrated LED lamps in the lower grilles and a ‘V’ in the center horseshoe grille. The front fenders have been replaced and there are new larger carbon fiber rockers and dark bronze wheels.

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The interior too has received a makeover with Mansory skinning it with what appears to be a woven mesh/leather combo. We can only keep guessing about the price until Mansory releases an official report on this limited edition series.

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